Specialty Services

Pile Driving Design, Inspection and Load Testing

The C.T. Soil Group has been completing geotechnical capacity pile design and field testing though the application of pile driving formulae (mainly the Modified Hiley Formula endorsed by the many Departments of Transportation (e.g. Ontario, Michigan, and Ohio) as well as full scale static load bearing tests since 1992.

In 2010, we have been completing Wave Equation Analyses of Pile (WEAP) using GRLWEAP2005 then GRLWEAP2010 since 2006.  In 2014 we added a Pile Driver Analyser (PDA) to our inventory as well as the CAPWAP® (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program) post-testing analysis software to repertoire. 

Additional Services

- Vibration monitoring

- Inclinometer installation and measurements

- Vibrating wire installation & measurements

- PID and other gas detection

The Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT)

The DMT is an in-situ testing method used to determine the strength and deformation characteristics of fine-grained soils. This method involves a stainless blade shaped probe with a thin circular steel membrane mounted on one side. The blade has a cutting edge to penetrate the soil and is inserted into the ground at the desired depth. It is connected to a control unit on the ground surface. After the penetration, pressure by a gas tank is applied to inflate the membrane. The DMT results are used to obtain information on soil stratigraphy, in situ state of stress, shear strength and deformation properties.